Wooden Toys

Grimms Wooden Ball Grasper

Grimms Rainbow Wooden Bead Grasper


Grimms Wooden Pastel Rainbow

Medium Size


Rainbow Marble Sound Tree

Tall Rainbow sound tree


Grimms Wooden Pastel Rainbow Large

A wooden Rainbow in Beautiful Pastel Colours


Montessori Wooden Locks Box

Hours of discovery and play


Pull-a-long Chicken with Eggs

Ages 18 months+


Rabbit Ride On

Sturdy wooden bike for toddlers


Tiger Ride On

Ages 12 months +


Wooden Bead Steering

Ages 3+ years.


Walk and Ride Cow Sorter

Suitable for 12 months.


Jointed Worm

A wiggily wooden worm .


Lowercase Alpha Blanks

Blank blocks provide a tabula rasa to nurture your creative nature


Farm Playset with carry house

Ages 3+ years.


Chunky Wooden Puzzle - Vehicles

Ages 18 mths +


Bauspiel lucite colour cube set 10

Set of 10 colourful Lucite colour cubes


Bauspiel Natural wooden gem window shapes set of 6

Beautiful set of 6 natural wood, shaped gem blocks. Excellent for building and imaginative play.


Bauspiel Colourful Fairy window block set of 6

Colourful wooden Fairy windows with transparent gems...set of 6


Bauspiel gem triangles set of 10

Set of 10 assorted wooden gem triangles


Bauspiel Houses

Ages 12 months


Bauspiel large 50cm Rainbow

Suitable for room decoration and educational play.


Cow Shape Sorter

Ages 18 months+


Cuisenaire Rods

Ages 3 years.


EverEarth Play Ramp Racer

Ages 18 months +


EverEarth Tool box/work bench

Ages 36 months


EverEarth Wooden Pop up Bunny

Ages 12 months


Geo Form Magnetic Set

Ages 4+yrs.


Grocery Store with carry house

Ages 3+ years.


Hindi Language Blocks

Devanagari Alphabet Set


Make Me Iconic wooden tea set

Ages 36 months.


Ostheimer Unicorn

Ages 3+ years. German made.



Exquisite wooden doll’s pram by the Danish brand Moover.


Ramp racer

Ramp racer


Ricky the Rocket

Beautiful wooden Ricky the rocket


Rolling Car

Ages 18mths +


Wooden Train Letters for your name

Wooden letters A to Z , engine and caboose


Wooden Bulldozer

Ages 3+.


Wooden Dump Truck

Ages 3+.


Wooden Front End Loader

Ages 3+.