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Wooden Fishing Game

Enjoy hours of fishing fun with this beautiful eco-friendly Soopsori Wooden Fishing Play Set.

Eco Friendly– the wood found in Soopsori products have been  selected from carefully maintained forests around the world.

All Natural – No paint, no enhanced colours and no artificial elements have been added to their wooden toys.

No chemicals

Unique Designs – Soopsori uses over 20 different types of wood.

Includes one fishing rod and 8 different fish (all in different wood types) Snapper, Blowfish, whale, Roskfish, Cod, Octopus, Eel, Halibut.

The fishing reel turns and has an magnetic hook (embedded in the wood) to pick up the wooden fish.

Fishing wire length – 22cm

Pole length – 26.5cm

Fish sizes – From 6-7cm each