S.T.EM.......... Science, Technology, Engineering , and Maths

8 Piece Tegu Pocket Pouch

8 magnetic wooden pieces


Myland Dinosaur

Fabulous for learning cause and effect


Myland Horse

Fabulous interactive toy


Myland House - Dining

Fabulous for learning cause and effect


Myland House - Living

Great for learning about cause and effect


Myland House - Sleeping

Myland House - Sleeping


Myland Car

Fabulous interactive toy


Myland Houseboat

Fabulous interactive toy


Myland UFO

Fabulous interactive toy


Speaker Kit

Turn almost any object into your own portable speaker.


Clip Circuit Electrolab

Learn how electrical circuits work


Marbotic Smart Letters

Learning tool to help learn the alphabet


Code Master

The Ultimate Coding Board Game


Geomag Colour 30pcs

magnetic 30 Geomag Color piece set.


Geomag Colour 40pcs

40 Geomag Color set.


Geomag Colour 64pcs

A small format for a big imagination 64 Geomag Color pieces


Geomag E-motion

Magnetic discovery set

$28.00 $10.00

Geomag Magnetic Panels 22pcs

A fun and tricky magnetic panel set


Geomag Magnetic Panels 68pcs

magnetic panels set


Mechanics 103 pcs

Magnetic discovery set 103pcs


Laser Maze Junior

Try to return safely to earth!


Grimms Monochrome tunnel large

Monochrome wooden tunnel from Grimms wooden toys