Special Needs

Montessori Wooden Locks Box

Hours of discovery and play


Rainbow Spinning Bells

Spinning Bells


Jointed Worm

A wiggily wooden worm .


Bauspiel lucite colour cube set 10

Set of 10 colourful Lucite colour cubes


Bauspiel Colour Street set of 5 mixed colours

These beautiful Bauspiel Colour Street blocks come in a set of 5. You will be bedazzled by their sparkling gems. Perfect for creating structures. Colours will be selected at random but will be a mixed set.


Bauspiel Colourful Single Gem block windows set of 5

Wooden gem blocks...single set of 5


Bauspiel Gem blocks single windows SET OF 25

Set of 25 blocks with colourful gems..in a lovely wooden box


Bauspiel large 50cm Rainbow

Suitable for room decoration and educational play.


Doll’s Bottle

Is your baby doll thirsty?


Fidget Spinner/Poppet

Dual sensory fun for kids. Fidget spinner and poppet in one.



This pleasingly textured Fluffy Putty is highly tactile and hard to keep your hands off! Soft, squishy, and fun to play with, Fluffy Putty isn't as sticky as other putty variaties. Fluffy Putty is like a big squishy mushroom, or how you imagine a cloud.


Magnetic Wand with coloured chips

Ages 3+ years.


Sensory Band

Ages 5+ years.


Square Poppet

The latest fidget craze.


Squishy Banana

Sensory children’s toy.


Squishy Dinosaurs

Sensory children’s toy.


Squishy Pig

Squishy children’s toy.


Squishy Pug Dog

Sensory children’s toy.