Clean Water Science Kit

Learn how to make dirty water clean!


Intruder Alarm Kit

Make your own burglar alarm system!


Doorbell Making Kit

Costruct an electrical circuit to make a doorbell!


Moon Torch

Have fun projecting the moon on walls and ceilings


Crystal Bear Puzzle

Create this 3D puzzle!


Crystal Trex Puzzle

Create this awesome 3D puzzle!


Clip Circuit Electrolab

Learn how electrical circuits work



What can you see?


Geomag Colour 30pcs

magnetic 30 Geomag Color piece set.


Geomag Colour 40pcs

40 Geomag Color set.


Geomag Colour 64pcs

A small format for a big imagination 64 Geomag Color pieces


Geomag E-motion

Magnetic discovery set

$28.00 $10.00

Geomag Magnetic Panels 22pcs

A fun and tricky magnetic panel set


Geomag Magnetic Panels 44pcs

A fun and tricky magnetic panel set


Geomag Magnetic Panels 68pcs

magnetic panels set


Geomag Mechanics 86pcs

Magnetic discovery set 86pcs


Mechanics 103 pcs

Magnetic discovery set 103pcs


Mechanics Compass 21pcs

Cool Magnetic kit to build a compass


Break Open Geodes Science Kit

Discover Amazing Crystals!


Electric Motor Kit

Build your own Motor!



Build your own Water Wheel


Rock Tumbler Set

Learn how to polish gems and turn them into jewellery