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PV Baobab Tree

Baobab Tree  made from felt

Here is some information about Boababs:

The Baobab is an impressive tree: With a height of up to 25 meters, the branches form a roof with more than 20 meters in diameter – the tree itself may be several thousand years old. The hand-shaped leaves and the gray, smooth bark can be seen as easily as the outline of a baobab from afar.

The Baobab is native to the African savannah. Its name derives from the Arabic word “bu hibab” from – fruit with many seeds. Of up to 15 meters high base consists of spongy fibers that store a lot of water and the tree as well as a longer drying time to keep it alive. The strong root system also contributes to its amazing drought resistance.

This little felt tree is hand made from wool in Nepal, by extremelt clever andnibble fingered people.

the size of the tree is aprox 22cm and it has handstiched leaves and a wooden base.