Chameleon Puppet

Eye Catching, Fly Eating Puppet


Octopus Puppet

Slinky colourful sea creature


Ostrich Puppet

The diva of the bird puppets!


Rat Pack Puppet

The cheekiest puppet of them all!


Donkey Stage Puppet

Ee-Ohhh silly, stubborn donkey!


Funky Chicken Puppet

Hilarious guy with loads of character!


Baby Swan Puppet

The cutest puppet!


Alligator Puppet

Realistic reptile


Baby Sloth Puppet

A slow, sweet, sleepy friend


Alpaca Stage Puppet

Silly, Spitting Fluffy Alpaca!


Rabbit in Hat Puppet

Perfect for magic performances


Scarlet Macaw Puppet

All he needs is a pirate's shoulder!


Hen Puppet

A great feathered friend


Ferret Hand Puppet

A fidgety little friend to keep your puppet shows on their toes!


White Mouse Puppet

A fabulous first puppet!


Giraffe Stage Puppet

Elegant and Gorgeous!


Green Wyvern Dragon Puppet

A magical addition to your fantasy productions!


Frog Puppet

Exudes fun and friendliness. Perfect for your next show!


Snowy Owl Puppet

Just like a real owl!


Sheep Dog Puppet

A shaggy, loveable puppet.


The Old Lady that Swallowed a Fly Puppet

Perfect aid for pre-school and kindy teachers!






Bille Maus




Dog Terrier Airedale Puppet

Frisky Airedale Terrier Dog


Duckling Puppet

Soft and Fluffy Yellow Duckling Puppet


Lion Stage Puppet

Royal, Lion Stage Puppet


Baby Hedgehog Puppet

Cheeky, Rolling Hedgehog Puppet


Baby Lop Rabbit Puppet

A Baby Bunny bouncing around.


Bear Cub Puppet

Best, Brown, Baby Bear Cub Puppet


Bear in Tree stump puppet

Sweet, Shy Bear in his Stump


Black Dragon Puppet

Magical Dragon with Metallic Wings


Bleating Sheep Puppet

A Bleating Sheep Strolling around


Chicken Puppet

Crazy, Chicken, Finger licking Puppet


Dutch Rabbit Puppet

Soft Bunny Rabbit. Friendly and Cuddly


Enchanted Tree Puppet

A World of Imagination


Flying Squirrel Puppet

Sweet, Soft Sugar Glider to Hold


Grasshopper Puppet

A gorgeous Grasshopper jumping gracefully in the grass


Grunting Pig Puppet

Grunting, Great Pig Puppet


Guinea Pig Puppet

Great Guinea Pig Puppet


Harbour Seal Puppet

Grey, Graceful Harbour Seal Puppet


Honey Bee Puppet

Buzz, Buzz Honey Bee Puppet


Leopard Shark Puppet

A Spotty Shark swimming through the Ocean


Maltease Dog Puppet

Sweet and Cuddly Maltease Dog Puppet


Monkey in Barrel Puppet

Cheeky Peek-a- Boo Monkey in A Barrel


Peacock Puppet

Fantastic Peacock Puppet


Polar Bear Cub Hand Puppet

Snowy Cuddly Polar Bear Cub Puppet


Sea Otter Baby Puppet

Playful Baby Sea Otter Puppet


Sea Turtle Puppet

A Sea turtle slowly swimming along


Whale Hand Puppet

Big, Blue Smily Whale Puppet


Zebra Stage Puppet

Black and White Busy Zebra Stage Puppet


Shark Hand puppet

Watch Out!


Woolly Wombat Hand Puppet 25cm

Wolly Wombat Hand Puppet 25cm


Katie Koala Hand Puppet 25cm

Katie Koala Hand Puppet 25cm


Baby Dutch Rabbit

Sweet Baby, Dutch Rabbit