Donkey Stage Puppet

Ee-Ohhh silly, stubborn donkey!


Rabbit in Hat Puppet

Perfect for magic performances


Scarlet Macaw Puppet

All he needs is a pirate's shoulder!


White Mouse Puppet

A fabulous first puppet!


Green Wyvern Dragon Puppet

A magical addition to your fantasy productions!


Jumping Frog Puppet

Exudes fun and friendliness. Perfect for your next show!


Duckling Puppet

Soft and Fluffy Yellow Duckling Puppet


Baby Chimpanzee Puppet

Cheeky Brown Chimpanzee


Collared Lizard Puppet

Cool, Collared, Colourful Lizard


Enchanted Tree Puppet

A World of Imagination


Grunting Pig Puppet

Grunting, Great Pig Puppet


Guinea Pig Puppet

Great Guinea Pig Puppet


Harbour Seal Puppet

Grey, Graceful Harbour Seal Puppet


Polar Bear Cub Hand Puppet

Snowy Cuddly Polar Bear Cub Puppet


Red Squirrel Puppet

Soft, sweet squirrel with a long fluffy tail.


Woolly Wombat Hand Puppet 25cm

Wolly Wombat Hand Puppet 25cm


Katie Koala Hand Puppet 25cm

Katie Koala Hand Puppet 25cm


Baby Dragon Puppet

Great puppet for story time.


Baby Orangutan Puppet

Sweet faced Baby Orangutan Puppet


Brown Cow Puppet

How now brown cow?


Dinosaur Egg Puppet

Hatching dinosaur egg puppet.


Fawn Puppet

Ages 3+ years.


Grizzly Bear Puppet

Ages 3+ years.


Jack Russell Terrier Puppet

Children’s best friend.


Pomeranian Puppet

A new fur-ever friend.


Red Fox Puppet

Sly little trickster


Swallowtail Butterfly Puppet

Colourful puppet for little fingers


Tabby Cat Puppet

Orange Tabby Kitten puppet.