Quirky, odd fun things that you just must have!

Sonny Angel

New Sweets Series


SnoBall Battle pack

Create snow all year around!


Angel Stamps

Cute, easy to hold little stamps with a little wooden and felt fairy.


Balloon Copter Inflatable

A fun science toy!


Balloon Racer

Comes with 2 cars. Who will win?


Dino Chomper

The perfect companion for a rowdy chat



Amaze your eyes with brilliant colors and patterns from our unique tin kaleidoscopes


Slinky Dog Wind up

Watch him go


Dancing Feet

Tap all day long!


Toy Story Slinky Dog

Stretch him!


Slime Baff

Make bath time fun with Slime Baff! Slime Baff is a powder that turns bath water into a gooey slime.



Classic metal slinky


Crocodile hand puppet

Watch Out!


Farts - A Spotters Guide

A hilarious book for any age!


Robo Alive Snake

Robo Alive Lizard


Sip and Sound Straws

The amazing sound effect straw


Super spy Glasses

The perfect piece of gadgetry to help you become a Super Spy


Meat Pie Lipgloss

Would you like sauce with that?