Quirky, odd fun things that you just must have!

Fidget Spinner/Poppet

Dual sensory fun for kids. Fidget spinner and poppet in one.


Fluffy Putty

Ages 3+ years.


Hi!! Phone

Ages 18mths - 5 years


Metal Earth Blue Dragon model kit

Ages 14+ years. Make this stunning dragon 3D model.


Metal Earth F-15 Eagle model

Ages 14+ years. Steel model kit.


Metal Earth Grand Piano model kit

Ages 14+ years. Construct your own 3D model.


Metal Earth Harry Potter Golden Snitch

Ages 14+ years. Construct The Snitch from the metal sheets to make a 3D model.


Metal Earth Kawasaki Ninja H2 R model kit

Ages 14+ years. Construct this super cool bike from metal sheets using tweezers.


Metal Earth Monarch Butterfly model kit

Ages 14+ years. Easy to assemble.


Pond Dipping Fishing Game

Ages 3+ years


Square Poppet

The latest fidget craze.


Squishy Dinosaurs

Sensory children’s toy.


Squishy Pig

Squishy children’s toy.


Squishy Pug Dog

Sensory children’s toy.