Fairy Snow

Make your own Fairy Snow!!


Farts - A Spotters Guide

A hilarious book for any age!


Focus pocus

Point, shoot and... surprise!



Look through to disciver a whole new world!


Slime Baff

Make bath time fun with Slime Baff! Slime Baff is a powder that turns bath water into a gooey slime.



Classic metal slinky


Storytime Torch

Have fun watching three little stories unfold with the Storytime torch.


Unicorn Flurry

Our Unicorn Flurry makes the most amazing sensory experience for kids (young and old!).


Water Marbles Rainbow

Our Water Marbles are one of the best sensory play products around!


Dazzle Ball

WOW!! Dazzle ball becomes five separate toys !!


First Friends Crocodile

Snap Snap! Watch those jaws!


Bright Balloon Ball

Handmade cotton Balloon Ball

$9.95 $9.95

Dancing Ribbon

Dancing Ribbon

$14.95 $9.95

Robo Alive Lizard

Robo Alive Lizard


Robo Alive Snake

Robo Alive Lizard