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Similar to dominoes, Honeycombs is a strategy game where the object is to connect the hexagonal tiles by matching symbols. The more matches, the more points earned. 

Although at the outset the matching challenge seems simple, gameplay becomes more complex as the honeycomb grows and tile connections begin requiring matching multiple sides. And yes, possibilities exist to match all six sides of a tile.

The game of Honeycombs comes with fifty-two hexagon shape tiles. Each tile has six symbols on it and no two tiles are the same. Players compete to build the biggest honeycomb possible. To build a honeycomb, players connect two tiles by matching their symbols. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the honeybee. It is wild and can be connected with any other symbol. One point is awarded for every connection made.

Honeycomb has three distinct ways to play, each varying in its speed and competitiveness. Choose the one that’s right for your group.

Ages: 6+