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Grimms Counting with colours

This beautiful and colourful counting set has been lovingly made by the clever people at Grimms toys in Germany.

A wonderful tool for introducing number to little people  and perfect for a playroom, preschool or  any school setting. 

This toy  helps Promote maths skills in preschool or school-aged children including, number ordering, equations, grouping, times tables and much more. 

Little people will love handling these lovely wooden tiles and imaginatively use them to build and create wonderful colourful patterns.

They can be combined with other toys to create scenes and stories.

Grimms is strongly influenced by the Rudolf Steiner education philosophy which encourages learning through play usung natural and beautiful materials.

There are 200 wooden tiles in the storage tray in two layers and part of play  can be simply layimng the tiles in order into the tray...so many possibilities!!

These toys are made in Europe from sustainalble woods such as beech,alder, lime and maple. These toys are coloured using natural colours and oils which are harmless to both the environment and to the children.

  • Materials: lime wood, non-toxic water based colour stain/non-toxic plant based oil finish.
  • Size: frame length 32cm, number squares 3x3cm.
  • Includes book of games and learning activities that tiles can be used for.