Bright Balloon Ball

All children love to play with balloons as much as they love to play with balls, and that is why the balloon ball is the perfect toy for children of all ages.

Don’t fear as the balloon ball won’t pop easily and when it does you simply replace the balloon insert, it won’t pose as a choking hazard nor will it break things in your home.

The balloon ball features brightly coloured material cover that fits neatly over the deflated balloon.

Simply insert the balloon into the button hole, blow up the balloon and tie up the end and voila, you have your very own safe balloon ball.

The balloon ball features include:
•Approximately 30cm diameter when inflated
•Folds flat when the balloon is taken out
•Ethically handmade by Goldfish Gifts
•Brightly coloured patchwork balloon ball cover

The balloon ball by Goldfish Gifts was the 2010 ITSA award winner for “Best novelty of the year”