Arabic. One of the world’s oldest written languages



Debossed Mandarin Chinese character representing the word for an animal


DUTCH Blocks

Expand your knowledge of Holland and the Netherlands with this 28 block Dutch language set


Greek Blocks

Alpha. Omega. And everything in between.



Explore the Hebrew language and teach heritage with this 28 block set.


Italian ABC Blocks

Expand your knowledge of Italy and the Italian language with this 28 block set.



Expand your knowledge of Japan and the Japanese language.


Spanish ABC Blocks

Expand your knowledge of the Spanish language


Wooden Colour Tree Slices

A collection of blocks in the shapes from the trees they originated from


Persian Blocks

Expand your knowledge of Iran and the Persian language


Russian ABC Blocks

Expand your knowledge of Russia and the Russian language.


Braille ABC Blocks

An educational toy for those who use Braille to communicate


French ABC Blocks

French 28 block set.


Lowercase Alpha Blanks

Blank blocks provide a tabula rasa to nurture your creative nature


54 piece Wooden Building Blocks

Ages 3+ years


54pc Wooden Shape Set

Ages 3+ years


Bauspiel big Colourful Wooden stepped rainbow blocks

Set of 100 stepped wooden the clever Germans at Bauspiel.


Bauspiel Colourful Fairy window block set of 6

Colourful wooden Fairy windows with transparent gems...set of 6


Bauspiel houses

Natural, curvy, colourful houses. Perfect size for Grapat nins or Grimms friends to visit. Take the roof off and swap them around to change your city. Size: The thickness is 5cm and the houses are between 15-27cm high Age: 12+ months


Bauspiel tiles

3 sized tiles in a carry box. 40 tiles size: 10x10cm 8 tiles size: 10x20cm 4 tiles size: 20x20cm Bauspiel is made in Germany with beautiful rainbow colours. Perfect for building and landscaping in blocks play


Bigboum Balancing Game

Ages 2 years +


Grimms Large Conical Tower

Pastel Colours


Hindi Language Blocks

Devanagari Alphabet Set



100pc Natural wooden LSP, made from untreated australian pine the tray measure 46x46cm, block sizes are as follows. 4.2cm x 36 blocks 8.4cm x 28 blocks 12.6cm x 20 blocks 16.8cm x 12 blocks 21cm x 4 blocks total net weight 10kg