Mandalas… an ancient symbol of harmony


It’s little wonder that in an age of change, uncertainty and upheaval that we find ourselves turning to ancient wisdom and symbols of meaning in an attempt to restore a harmonious balance to both our lives and our surroundings.
The ancient, mysterious and calming, interwoven harmony of the Mandala is a symbol that has always resonated with our subconscious.
Mandala (Sanskrit) means the ‘Wheel' or 'Great Circle' and has appeared throughout history and eastern religions as a symbol of interconnectivity and quiet meditation. The original Mandalas often incorporated ancient symbols, gods and deities and were an important tool to enable a person or monk to focus their meditation and in turn, reveal inner wisdom.    

Sonny Angel

New Sweets Series


Mandala Stencil - Holy

185cm x 185cm



Put out all those fires!!


Handmade Wooden Farm Puzzle

A proud Goldfish Product


Mobile Ozi

Wooden Ozi Mobile



Roll em' – 10 dice each. 1st in wins!


Grimms Semi Circles

in a wooden box


Bright Balloon Ball

Handmade cotton Balloon Ball


GRIMMS 12 piece Wooden Rainbow Large

Awooden rainbow for colourful, creative play



The classic triangular domino game that combines strategy, luck and exciting new challenges that the whole family will enjoy! 


Yahtzee Junior

Yahtzee for children


Beach cart


Country Doll House

Complete with furniture and dolls!


Lavender dollhouse

Lavender Triple story wooden dollhouse