Learning through fun and play..that's what educational toys are about. 

Toys that motivate, captivate, stimulate, challenge and help to question. Toys that teach through experience, through sensory stimulation and through motor skills. Good toys help to open and expand children's imaginations, to build confidence and self esteem.

Children can learn how things work, by building they are made by experimenting and pulling things apart and where they come from by researching, looking and learning.  

Toys show differences, similarities, polarities...and all through fun. Our range of educational toys has been selected for children and their adults to play and learn together.

Quadrilla Cyclone Marble Run

The best of the marble runs!


Myland Dinosaur

Fabulous for learning cause and effect


Myland Horse

Fabulous interactive toy


Myland House - Dining

Fabulous for learning cause and effect


Myland House - Living

Great for learning about cause and effect


Myland House - Sleeping

Myland House - Sleeping


Myland Car

Fabulous interactive toy


Myland Houseboat

Fabulous interactive toy


Myland UFO

Fabulous interactive toy


Intruder Alarm Kit

Make your own burglar alarm system!


Clip Circuit Electrolab

Learn how electrical circuits work


Felt Bean Counters

Learn to count with tactile play


Grow Your Own Felt Garden

Plant a felt vegetable garden


Hand Shadows

Create your own show using these hand shadows!


Shopping List

Shopping is always easier with a list


Shopping List Game Extra Fruit + Veg

Fruit: Veg – should always be on the list.


Zingo 123

Build your child's reading and counting skills with Zingo! 1-2-3.


Barrel of Monkeys

Link them up!


French ABC Blocks

French 28 block set.


IQ Candy

Filled with challenges


Felt Creations - Alphabet

ABC felt board


Grimms Counting with colours

Wooden counting tiles by Grimms wooden toys


Hindi Language Blocks

Devanagari Alphabet Set


Perpetual Calendar

Fabulous learning tool


Vietnamese Language Blocks

32 beautiful blocks


Felt Creations - Numbers

123 felt board