Learning through fun and play..that's what educational toys are about. 

Toys that motivate, captivate, stimulate, challenge and help to question. Toys that teach through experience, through sensory stimulation and through motor skills. Good toys help to open and expand children's imaginations, to build confidence and self esteem.

Children can learn how things work, by building they are made by experimenting and pulling things apart and where they come from by researching, looking and learning.  

Toys show differences, similarities, polarities...and all through fun. Our range of educational toys has been selected for children and their adults to play and learn together.

Grow Your Own Felt Garden

Plant a felt vegetable garden


Shopping List

Ages 3 to 7 years.


Sliding Car Tower

A beautifully made gliding car track, place a car in and watch it go! Comes with 4 wooden cars.


Barrel of Monkeys

Link them up!


Felt Creations - Alphabet

ABC felt board


ABC Blocks

Beautiful wooden educational blocks.


Cuisenaire Rods

Ages 3 years.


Dinosaur Egg Puppet

Hatching dinosaur egg puppet.


DIY Bath Bomb Lab Kit

Ages 8+ years


DIY Bionic Ear Soldering Kit

Ages 12+ years.


DIY Robot Soldering Kit

Ages 12+ years


Doctor’s Bag

Ages 3+ years.


Doctor’s Suitcase

Ages 3+ years


EverEarth Wooden Pop up Bunny

Ages 12 months


Fawn Puppet

Ages 3+ years.


Felt Creations - Barn

Ages 3+ years


Felt Creations - Garden

Ages 3+ years


Field Magnifier

Mini pocket magnifier


Geo Form Magnetic Set

Ages 4+yrs.


Helica Clip Circuit

Ages 7+ years


Hindi Language Blocks

Devanagari Alphabet Set


Magnetic Fishing Set - Mermaid

Ages 2+yrs.


Magnetic Fishing Set - Tropic

Ages 2+years


Magnetic Wand with coloured chips

Ages 3+ years.


Nat-Geo Build your own Volcano

Ages 8+ years


Nat-Geo Crystal Garden Kit

Ages 8+ years


Nat-Geo Dino Fossil Dig Kit

Ages 8+ years


Papoose Felt Alphabet Natural

Beautiful hand felted learning tool.


Periodic Table - Fridge Magnets

For geeks of all ages!


Sherlock Magnifier

Ages 5+


Solar Car

Ages 8+ years


Stainless Steel Compass

Ages 3+ years. Strong steel and glass construction.


Wind Walker

Ages 8+ years. Wind powered Strandbeest.