Soopsori wooden fishing set

This beautiful wooden fishing set has been designed and made in Korea. These toys are made , using only natural woods and linseed oil finishes. Soopsori’s name is a Korean word for “The Sounds of the Forest.” Their toys are made from 20 different types of wood, which results in incredibly beautiful products highlighting the natural colors and grains of the materials used.
This fishing set comprises of 6 cheeky fish, am octopus and a sea snake..each made from a different wood, with a tiny magnet embedded in the wood. You catch the fish with the fishing rod which has a piece of metal on the end of he string.
This wooden magnetic fishing set is a perfect toy to help develop hand eye co ordination and fine motor skills whilst having fun and a few laughs too.
Eating the fish is not recomended though !!
This fishing set comes in its own cardboard box.

Price: $70.00

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