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The Goldfish Balloon Ball

If your children love playing with balloons but unfortunately the playing session doesn’t last long since the balloons get popped or worse still you keep fretting that your child will put the balloon in their mouth and choke!

But all doesn’t have to be doom about balloons; they are nice and keep children preoccupied. If you will for your child to be able to play with a ball in the house and not break any appliance or device, introduce them to the balloon ball.

Balloon balls are made from custom designed fabric covers. With a balloon ball, all that is needed to be done is inserting a deflated balloon in the buttonhole at the end. Blow the balloon up and tie its end. Now the end you just tied, push it inside the cover and the balloon ball transforms into a safer, bouncy, light-weight and colorful play thing for your child.

Facts about Balloon balls

Balloon Balls are washable and can be run through the washer. And can be used again and again.
Balloon Balls come in many colors.

Balloon Balls are the ultimate gift, party favor or stocking stuffer for Easter basket/Christmas Stuffer.

Caution: Just like with any other type of toy, do not leave your children to play with it while unattended. Being close your child while playing with balloon is your way of showing that you don’t want any harm come his/her way.

Balloon Ball Amazing Features

  • When inflated, the Balloon Ball reaches an approximate length of 30 cm in diameter
  • After the balloon has been taken out, the cover folds flat
  • Balloon Ball found in this site have all been properly handcrafted by Goldfish Gifts
  • Access brightly colored collaged balloon ball cover

NB: We are proud to always state that the Balloon Ball created from Goldfish Gifts emerged as the 2010 ITSA award winner, winning in the Best Novelty segment of the year. This clearly shows how the gift will be perfect for your child to play with!

You can buy a balloon ball now for only $12.95 with FREE SHIPPING!

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