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12 days of Xmas - Letter from Santa

Dear Goldfish Customers,

Christmas is almost here, so start marking the days off your calendar.

Before you know it, I will be flying into your suburb with my sleigh packed full of toys for all the good girls and boys – Mum’s and Dad’s.

I see that you have been a fantastic customer this year in supporting Goldfish Toy Shop.

The elves told me you have been polite, helpful, happy and kept smiling – My goodness you are being grown up!

You have some wonderful items on your Christmas wish list this year, like the gifts from Goldfish Toy Shop. Since you have been very good, I am going to do my best to see that you get just what you wished for.

Rudolph and the reindeer get really hungry from flying all around the world.

Would you leave out some carrots for them? I would sure love it if you could leave out some milk and cookies for me, too.

I’ll still have to visit your friend Elisa Doro’s house (Mrs Goldfish) and will pick up some of your favourite Goldfish Gifts while I am there.

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

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