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12 Days of Xmas - Sevi Doll's House

On the 11th Day of Christmas Goldfish Toy Shop built for me, a unique Sevi Doll house as sweet as can be.

This doll house was love at first sight.

The gorgeous bright and fun wooden Sevi Doll house comes with 72 unique pieces of furniture and accessories to keep busy hands busy. There is a heap of stuff to play with for the budding interior decorator or homemaker including modern pieces of doll house architecture, stunning mod lighting and even an outdoor pizza oven.

The Sevi doll’s house is to die for and when you have finished setting up creating your magazine perfect home you can even let your little one play with it!

I had the pleasure of setting up the Goldfish Toy Shop window display with the beautiful Sevi Doll’s House and let me tell you, my own home looks pale in comparison. Those of you who know me personally know my love for design and architecture so you can imagine my delight when I was given chief building duties.

The Sevi kit includes six rooms comprising of: wide open plan living spaces, a rooftop terrace, kitchen, three bedrooms, loft room, lounge, formal dining, bathroom with separate bath and shower and family of four.

The uber intelligent designers at Sevi have created a dolls house with style, grace that is made from sturdy materials that will last generations.

For the most special present for any little well behaved girl or boy I would highly recommend the Sevio dollhouse for Christmas this year.

Ho Ho Ho – A gift that even Santa would love!

Merry Christmas from Goldfish Toy Shop!

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