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12 days of Xmas - Chrissy Craft & Win a Balloon Ball!

On the TENTH day of Christmas Goldfish Toy Shop are giving away a Goldfish Gifts Balloon Ball!

Christmas comes in all shapes and sizes and christmas craft is one that comes to mind. This year we decided to create a custom santa sack so that my little one can get heaps of presents from Santa and his elves.

What you will need is:

Calico – I decided to make my sack quite big so it is up to you how much you would like to purchase.
Fabric Paint – Your choice of colours. Since my little girl is into anything girlie we chose red, purple and pink.
Fabric Glitter Glue – If you can’t find a fabric based one you can use a craft on so long as you don’t have plans to wash the sack.
Natural Rope – 1 meter length
Paint Brushes
Fabric Marker for drawing your pattern.
Fabric Glue
Sequins for decoration.

The pattern I drew was an outline of a Christmas tree, the decorations are balls made from my little girls name “Georgia”, some stars, gifts and round balls.

We then got painting!

This is the fun part – the more hand painting the more homemade it looks!

I did help with some of the glitter outlines! The more glitter the better I say – Let your little one go for it!

Finally when you are happy with the painting, spot your fabric glue over the tree and let your little one add sequins for decoration.

Once the sack has been left to dry and the artwork is complete mum can get to sewing.

I simply sewed this together using a zigzag stitch and finished it with a straight stitch. If you have an overlocker that would really neaten the edges.

I threaded my rope and folded down the top making a tunnel for the rope to be threaded into. Before sewing it I hemmed the ends of the fold over so it did not fray when the rope was pulled.

Once the top was complete I sewed up the bottom and the sides – VIOLA!

Our finished homemade Santa Sack!

To be the lucky winner of a Goldfish Gifts Balloon ball simply tell us your favourite Christmas Craft below on the blog- there will be 4 balloon ball winners!

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