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12 days of Xmas - Pirates AHOY!!!

Every child should have a dressing up box overflowing with all manner of play inspiring goodies. Lifting the lid should be like opening an Aladdin’s cave of treasures and imagination! What shall I be today? A Princess? A Knight? A Pirate?

My son’s dressing up box was in a dismal state. I must have been absent from Parent School on the day they taught “How to Create the Perfect Dressing Up Box”. I’d thrown in some random hats and other bits and bobs, but there was definitely no pizzazz to the collection! An Aladdin’s Cave it was not! When I saw how much he enjoyed dressing up in the fairy costumes at his little girlfriend’s house, I knew it was time to get creative!

Dress up costumes, no matter how basic, are a wonderful way to support and encourage your child’s natural instinct for imitation and role play and offers the chance for them to disappear into a character and let their imaginations run wild! There’s no need to stick to gender based costumes; little boys can wear tutus and little girls love to be fire fighters and knights! You know the one theme that I’ve noticed is loved by nearly every little boy or girl I meet?


Maybe it’s the chance to be a little grouchy and start every sentence with “Yar!” Or perhaps it’s the adventures at sea that capture their imaginations. But whack an eye patch on a child and they’ll instantly take on the persona of a Pirate and start on a swash buckling adventure to go with it!

Goldfish Toyshop has a fantastic range of Pirate garb to help turn any child’s room into their very own pirate ship!

First step is to let everyone know that there’s a pirate lair behind this door. We stuck our wooden pirate wall plaque on the door of Alex’s bedroom; in his play, this has become the secret symbol that shows where the treasure is buried!

The Pirate singlet is fantastic! Easy enough for a pre-schooler to pull on themselves, and not so ‘costumey’ that it can’t be worn to the local shops (although I think kids in dress up clothes when they go out are adorable!).

The sturdy, quality corduroy Pirate library bag is just the thing for collecting and hauling their pirate loot and, when not in play, has been a great storage bag for all the pirate paraphernalia. As the name suggests it’s also a great book bag for expeditions to the library.

Once the pirate bug hits your child, you’ll find yourself speaking in Pirate every time you open your mouth!

“Avast me hearties! Dinner be served!”

“Bath time you scurvy landlubber!”

Merry Christmas from all ye band ’o pirates at Goldfish!

But hey, whatever works right?

Hoist the Jolly Roger!

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