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12 days of Xmas - Dads, Uncles & Grandad Tips

On the FOURTH day of Christmas Goldfish Toy shop gives to us – a blokes guide to getting it right (yes we are talking about Christmas shopping).

Dad’s, Uncles and Grandad’s

Whether it is your kid or a relative Christmas is an important time to get some runs on the board.

Cement your place as the best Dad, Poppy or Uncle with a gift you would be proud to give (or get – for those big kids).

Get along to a real shop where you can play with the gear before you buy it and road test it for the little fingers, feet, faces and cool people in your life.

As a Goldfish Dad I know shopping isn’t always fun, but knowing you nailed it with that awesome present is priceless.

Dad’s Gift suggestions include:

For Dad’s little rev head the handle bar throttle toy – top stocking stuffer for only $16.00

Only available in store!

For a more gung ho invasion of the loungeroom check out the Attacknid – an antisocial no nonsense warrior around the home – perfect for shooting up the in-laws! On Sale now for only $109.00


Finally indulge your inner gun-nut with a classic – The Spud Gun is back, when you are finished with it you can even give the kids a go! A bargain for $6.00


Merry Christmas from Goldfish Dad (Stu to his mates)!

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