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12 Days of Xmas - Sylvanian Families - Caravan, Saloon Car and Family

On the FIRST day of Xmas Goldfish Toy Shop Gave to me – a discount package bundle on the Sylvanian Families – Caravan, Saloon Car and Family.

Holidays in idyllic Sylvania are better than ever and they are starting with a fantastic Christmas caravanning vacation.

When asked to review the brilliant Sylvanian Families Caravan, Saloon Car and Family my initial thoughts were that my poor daughter was never going to get a go, because mummy would be reliving her childhood.

Being a 32 year old woman I have seen and played with my fair share of toys. Especially since working for Goldfish Gifts – the playing and toy testing never ends.

The Sylvanian Families range takes me back to when I was a little girl. I recall the range being bought out in the mid 80’s and unlike most 80’s fads (*cough – hypercolour products) the range of Sylvanian Families figurines have been able to stand the test of time – and hands of busy children.

My little 3 year old girl loves playing with dolls and figurines and that is why the Sylvanian Families range is the perfect for her to explore her sense of imagination by interacting with the unique animal friends.

Every part of the Sylvanian Families range is made with love, care and detail – each animal has detailed facial features and cute little outfits that create their own personalities.

This cosy caravan has more than enough features for a large or small family vacay and comes jam packed with items, simply open up the roof and your little one will be welcomed with over 30 creature comforts including the kitchen sink!

Included in the caravan are: 2 fold down beds, 2 board games, 2 maps, 3 postcards, 1 set of steps, 1 coffee table, 2 sleeping bags, 1 iron, bathroom accessories, 20 kitchen accessories / utensils and 1 tow bar.

Caravan – RRP $99.00

The caravan can be towed by the Sylvanian Families Saloon Car (normally sold separately) for the perfect getaway. The saloon car has enough space to fit the whole family of 4 – even baby can come as it is fully equipped with a baby seat!

This modern mini style car is sleek and even has a sunroof!

Included in the saloon car is: a picnic table, picnic lunch & drinks.

Saloon Car – RRP $48.00

As a Goldfish Gifts special exclusively for Christmas the team are offering all Goldfish shoppers a deal on this Sylvanian Families pack.

Normally sold separately we are offering the caravan, saloon car and family for 4 for only $168.00.


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