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Goldfish TOP 10 - Xmas stocking stuffers


Shopping for Christmas presents is often an overwhelming task, especially when purchasing stocking fillers. Personally I lose track of all the tiny tidbits that I buy for my little girl because I am not strategically purchasing gifts with use in mind.

This year is a different strategy and by shopping at Goldfish, stocking fillers for any age and stage can be purchased at the one spot.. Yep no braving the shops on Christmas eve, determined to find that final gift only to see someone else purchase the last one!

Goldfish Toy Shop have done all of the leg work for you and provided you with a list of our TOP 10 SELLING, STOCKING STUFFERS under $22.00!

Personally I wish I was a kid again because these 10 items would be getting dragged down the chimney by Saint Nick for little old me.

Roll on with the list!

1. Balloon Ball by Goldfish Gifts – $12.95

The balloon ball features brightly coloured material cover that fits neatly over the deflated balloon.
Simply insert the balloon into the button hole, blow up the balloon and tie up the end and voila, you have your very own safe balloon ball. The balloon ball by Goldfish Gifts was the 2010 ITSA award winner for “Best novelty of the year”.

Suggested Age Group 1 +

 photo balloon-ball_zps69c8bde8.jpg


2. Farts: A Spotter’s Guide – $22.00

What a Ripper…. The perfect book to help any budding fart spotter determine who dealt it – everytime! This hilarious book reproduces 10 common toots, from a gentle hiss through to the rip roaring blast.

Printed on durable card stock, this book is unbridled entertainment, because let’s face it – FARTS ARE FUNNY!

Suggested Age Group 4 +

 photo farts_zpsbdaefb1d.jpg


3. Electric Circuit Board – $16.95

The safe way to electrify your child’s Christmas is with the fantastic clip circuit starter kit. This is an easy to use electronics kit – just simply clip the components together and you have power!

The colour coded areas show the travelling currents – no soldering is required. Featuring 14 experiments!

Suggested Age Group 6+

 photo clip-circuit-board_zps7a52df92.jpg


4. Glitter Tattoo – $18.00

Glitter tattoos are the fun way to pretend and have fun. These stunning and sparkling glitter tattoos are the creative way to add sparkles to your skin. available in a range of designs and colours.

Suggested Age Group 3 +

 photo glitter-tattoo_zpsd110fb31.jpg


5. Growing Fairy or Dragon – $6.00

I know as a little girl hatching my very own dragon or fairy would have been a dream come true – well guess what.. It is now a possibility with growing fairy and dragon eggs.

Simply insert your fairy or dragon into water for 12 – 24 hours and watch the egg crack and your fairy or dragon grow.

Suitable for ages 3 +

 photo fairy_and_dragon_eggs_zps506a65ee.jpg



6. Nano Blocks – from $12.00

Good things come in small packages so they say and that is why we LOVE Nano Blocks. These building blocks allow the architect at hand to build detailed construction and scale figures.

Animals, Instruments, automobiles and buildings are amongst the models.

Suitable for kids aged 8 and up! So good even teenagers love them!

 photo nano-blocks_zpsd1cebd55.jpg


7. Dancing Rainbow $12.00 or Pirate Sword – $15.00

Imagine you were a pirate with a big wooden sword or a dancing fairy with beautiful rainbow ribbons to wave around. Lucky because you can! The Goldfish Gifts Dancing Rainbows and Pirate Sword are exclusive pretend play toys made and designed by Goldfish Gifts!

Suitable for any little imagination from 2 +

 photo wooden-sword-dancing-rainbow_zpsae12a60f.jpg



8. Soy Rock Crayons – $12.95

We all love drawing and what better way to draw than with the tiny soy rock crayons. These little pebble crayons look almost good enough to eat – they are all natural soy wax so if your little one does mistake these crayons for a jelly bean, it won’t hurt them one bit!

There are 16 rocks in a bag featuring the colours – red, pink, blue, sky, green, grass, dark yellow, light yellow, orange, peach, purple, light purple, brown, tan, black and grey.

Suitable for Ages 3+

 photo soy-crayon-rocks_zps832f1243.jpg


9. Spud Gun – $6.00

Another retro fav and one that Dad would love to play too! The Spud Gun is an easy to use potato gun – simply insert the barrel of the gun into your potato and you are loaded up for a spud war. A great gift for the boys!

STICK ‘EM UP – Crime fighting just got tata-tastic

Suitable for Ages 5 +

 photo spud-gun_zps9c207325.jpg


10. Slinky – $12.00

Another oldie but definitely a goodie is the retro slinky! a classic toy that has stood the test of time because it never gets old. It walks, it slinks, it shimmy’s and springs down steps, objects or simply in your hands.

The novelty of the slinky keeps kids entertained for hours on end.

You just cannot beat the classics!

Suitable for ages 4+

 photo slinky_zpsfac1e06c.jpg


Goldfish will provide you with a some more great Goldfish Gifts Xmas pressies, baby toys and the 12 days of Xmas in December – Keep your eyes on the Goldfish Blog.

Love Team Goldfish xoxox

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