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Real Mum Review - Wooden Art Board

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

My two and a half year old daughter is really starting to enjoy drawing. Her favourite drawing tools at the moment are what she calls dab-dabs (bingo markers). They are nice and thick for her to grip and allow a fair bit of control when she’s trying to draw.

Lately she has started drawing faces. I love how she narrates as she draws. It gives me such an insight into her thoughts and imagination. “One eye. Two eyes. A nothe (she has a lisp). A biiigg smiley mouth. One ear. Two ears. Spiky hair…“ I just love it.

I love displaying her art work but often it would haphazardly get stuck onto the fridge with a magnet until it fell off and ended up being lost or filed somewhere. I had thought about buying a large frame to display it but it seemed like changing it as regularly as she produces paintings she’s proud of, could end up being a bit of a chore.

Recently, I’ve been lucky to road test Gold Fish Gift’s wooden art board. Ours features a rather cute red octopus on a blue background. ‘He’ has been a cute addition to the playroom and has also freed up some room on the fridge for other things, like photos (and bills – boo!).

I like the two sturdy bulldog clips that hold the art in place. Unlike using a frame, it allows you to store a few pieces of art under the first so you can rotate through them for display. It would be a convenient way to hang wet paintings too.

Like all Goldfish gifts, it has been ethically handmade (this product in Bali).
Designs available are angel, butterfly pink, butterfly purple lime, dragonfly, pirate, plane, rainbow fish, tractor, train and zebra. Matching the other Goldfish range of plaques, bins, boxes and mobiles.

Check out this an other gorgeous gift ideas from Goldfish Gifts at their website:

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