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Real Mum Review - Goldfish Bookends

One of my main concerns about having boys, was that they wouldn’t like to read. That I couldn’t share my love of books with them. Luckily, they devour them like I do, with stories before bed not even nearly satisfying their daily quota.

Whether it’s a fantastical jaunt through magical lands, rhyming tongue twisters, counting and letters, or more recently in the case of my eldest, informative encyclopaedia type tomes, books never long for a reader in our house. Most of which, become tattered and torn in a well loved, taken to bed type of way after not long at all. I’ve had to replace many a favourite story more than once.

The gorgeous beauties pictured have livened our book corner, but because they are so great haven’t successfully been utilised as actual book ends for much of the time. They are just too tempting to play with, especially when plane and train stories are being read to match. Thankfully they are wooden and sturdy and can endure the ride.

Two boys, two bookends and a whole lot of imaginary worlds to be conjured, aided by story books and beautiful, if incorrectly used bookends.

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