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Real Mum Review - Magnetic Tiles

Mrs Hanes goes Goldfishing and Hooks the Alphabet

Magnets have been a familiar sight and learning tool on fridges in Australia for years.

When I received these colourful Goldfish magnetic tiles to review, I knew they would instantly find a home on mine!

These tiles are available singularly and would make an ideal non-gender specific gift for anyone over the age of three. Pre-school and primary teachers would find them a useful classroom resource.

Each one is a 2cm x 2cm square and has a brightly coloured letter, word or animal painted on it. The magnet is firmly fixed to the reverse.

The standard of painting is good and each tile has its own unique pattern and style.

The glazing makes them very ‘tac-tile’ (pardon the pun!) Any child would love to see their names made up of these letters on their fridge or other suitable surface. The possibilities for using these tiles are endless, making them a very ‘versa-tile’ resource. Suggestions include age appropriate matching games, letter identification, making word families (for example: how many words can you make ending in – at), decoding skills and making crossword puzzles. They could also be used in a memory game or type of bingo, be ‘fished for’ with metal tongs, or copied onto outside surfaces with chalk or a paintbrush and water, or using coloured modelling dough.

Older children might like to use their ‘fer-tile’ imaginations to sequence picture and word tiles to create a story or use random letters to make up acronyms.

Warning: This activity could get a bit riotous! Here is one of my daughters’ more tame ones:




*S*ing Live!

These tiles are great to use as a reference when teaching your child letter formation.

Please make any activity is fun and check your state’s preferred style of handwriting to make sure letters are formed correctly. It is very difficult for a child to relearn the proper formation further down the track.

If your child is asking about words and letters when you read to them, the tiles can also be used in the teaching of letter names and their sounds. There are plenty of internet resources available to help with the correct pronunciations and provision of enjoyable activities.

Finally, these tiles would be ideal for taking out to restaurants as a distraction for children waiting for their food to arrive. Plastic storage boxes are ideal for transportation and a metal baking tray makes an ideal board.


2cms x 2cms

Non-toxic paint, clay

Age range: 3+ (Choking hazard for younger children)

Hand-made in Bali

About the Author

Catherine Hanes

Along with teaching children in Australia and the UK for twenty years, Catherine is an established author of educational resources for schools and students. She also has a weakness for poetry, Devonshire teas and all things crafty.

As a Mum and teacher, Catherine believes that children deserve to be happy, well-balanced people with confident physical, imaginative, creative, problem-solving and social skills. The provision of quality toys and fun activities enables children of all ages to blossom into adulthood!

Catherine currently resides in Wollongong with her wonderful husband, two gorgeous daughters, five elderly chickens and Lillypilly the dog.

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