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Real Mum Review - Clothes Peg

With children comes ‘stuff’.

With children comes the constant dilemma of ‘What am I going to DO with all this stuff?”

I have never been more obsessed with storage and display than since I’ve become a mother. I celebrate play. I say “Vive le mess!” But at the end of the day, without a cleaning up fairy to enlist help from, the mess makes my head spin.

Storage baskets and boxes are handy, sure, but they also hide everything away, and some toys and clothes need to be easily accessible by your little people. If you’ve stocked up on the gorgeous dress up clothes from Goldfish, you’ll want them to be visible too!

Here’s where these whimsical and versatile clothes pegs come in. Beautifully and ethically handmade in Bali, the gorgeous birds look fantastic where ever you hang them, (we started with them in the bedroom, until deciding they were going to be put to more use in the bathroom). I whip up felt drawstring bags to hold all the ‘bits and pieces’ type toys like blocks, a handmade magnetic fishing set and gulp LEGO, and the pegs are just perfect for hanging these from at a height my son can easily reach.

It was only when I was cursing the never ending pile of pyjamas and other little boy clothes on our bathroom floor that I decided to create a little spot, just for my son to hang his clothes on at the end of the day before his bath. The pegs went on the wall and just like that the clothes came off the floor!

We don’t play into the ‘blue for boys and pink for girls’ stereotype, so the pastel colours made no difference to my sons delight in the characters. These pegs would be fantastic for keeping the endless amounts of cloths, swaddles and tiny little singlets at arms reach when your baby is little, or, for older children, as a ‘going outside’ station for hats and jackets near the front door of your house.

For me, a quick tidy up is a good tidy up, and even better, the tidy up you can teach your child to do themselves!

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Karen Swan

Karen Swan, Community Manager and Co-Editor of, PA to child care author Pinky McKay and freelance writer can be found in Canberra, Australia, quite often carrying out entire conversations in song and running after her 3 year old son.

Karen is passionate about helping women/mothers find the support, friendship and help they need to ENJOY motherhood without judgement or dishonesty and continue to develop into the Women they aspire to be. Karen believes in the magic of childhood and the joy that can be found by switching off, slowing down, and tuning in to a child’s pace of life.

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