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Real Mum Review - Soy Crayon Rocks

Crayon Rocks – at first look me (and my 15 year old) thought no way they are just going to be eaten as a big jelly bean. But after three weeks of using them with many of my little clients I still have all 16 without a toothmark evident AND they are an absolute favourite of everybody- myself included!

They just work – at so many levels. The little bag is very neat and then as they spill out onto the table the great assortment of colours and jelly bean shapes draws you straight in.

The beauty of them is that it is virtually impossible to hold them incorrectly therefore encouraging a good tripod grip for little hands.

The crayons do not need a lot of pressure to mark the paper – usually one of the reasons children like to hold their poorer quality crayons or pencils in a fist grip.

The colour range allows for full rainbows as well as blacks and browns,with both dark and light versions of the main colours and even though they mark well they do not wear down easily- after three weeks of constant use with a wide variety of children I can barely tell they have been used.

The older children have enjoyed them too and I have had many come in the following week looking for them to use to write their story – a great result for children who usually hate writing.

For my more sensory children they have enjoyed the feel of them – they are very smooth- but they have tried rubbing them on their face – rather than eating them!! However there is always a first time for everything and so it is also good to know that they are non toxic—Crayon Rocks are all natural soy wax crayons made from 
organic grown soybeans and colored with mineral pigments.

I think I will be getting some for home soon- colouring and drawing is therapeutic for all ages!!!!!

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I am excited about my opportunity to be a part of this blog and of course to trial toys. I am a Speech Pathologist and parent of 3.

I own Engadine Speech Pathology – thus a trip to Goldfish TOYshop is not difficult! My practice celebrates 20 years this year!!! I work solely with children from babies to the teenage years. Speech Therapy covers so many areas of communication and I look forward to possibly providing more information about the role we play over coming months. I am very fortunate to love my work. There is not a day goes past that I don’t get to share a smile or laugh with a child – although sometimes a shared tear happens with a parent too – definitely a privilege. I am passionate about children and their ability to communicate- and of course I am passionate about toys and books and the role they play in the development of a child.

I love showing parents how they can engage with their children through simple toys- and I always try to use toys that are easily accessible to parents rather than specific therapy toys. My discovery of Goldfish Toyshop has been one of my great finds over the past year.

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