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Real Mum Review - Rainbow Ribbons

Rainbow’s make us feel like dancing!

There’s something innate about dancing that connects every child ( and all those adults who haven’t been told they have no rhythm one too many times). Boy, girl, toddler, tween, experiencing everything their body can do and learning how far or fast they can move is something that gives them all a sense of excitement and a moment of complete frivolity.

As soon as my boys saw the dancing ribbons they had them swirling, twisting, swaying and running with them high to catch the wind.

They didn’t need any kind of direction (or even music) to catch on to all the fun that could be had.

The simplicity of colourful ribbons and small bell on a wooden handle offered every opportunity for free movement as intended and beyond that, an opportunity to imaginatively engage.

My son, pictured, loves to pretend there are spiders legs on his face and my elder son likes to march and wave the ribbons like a flag.

Personally I’ve loved seeing them (when they kids aren’t using them) as a decorative door knob hanger that catches the breeze of an afternoon in an otherwise white hallway.

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