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Real Mum Review - Noah Wooden Mobile

Mrs Hanes goes Goldfishing and hooks a Rainbow!

I have always considered mobiles to be an essential part of childhood as they are fantastic for visual stimulation and brain development in young children. Seeing a baby gazing intently at a mobile is a beautiful sight. When I received the beautiful Goldfish mobile to review I felt I had struck gold!

This mobile is an ideal non-gender specific toy for a newborn or parents-to-be. It consists of a brightly painted Noah’s Ark, a rainbow and fifteen wooden animals hanging from a total of five strings. It would easily add a brilliant splash of colour to any child’s bedroom. My own children had their mobiles hung above the change table to divert their attention.

The animals come in twos as you might expect (apart from a snake). Some of the colours are reversed in each animal pair, but the standard of painting is good and I love the fact that each animal is smiling!

This mobile is ideal for age appropriate teaching of animal names, animal sounds, ‘find the pair’ games, colours, counting to three (and beyond) and patterns such as stripes and spots.

As a teacher, I like to look at the possibilities for using the toy once the child has gone beyond the age it is meant for. If you can bear to pull it apart, the wooden animals could be easily turned into puppets, fridge magnets for storytelling or included in a model made from wooden building blocks, other construction toy or modelling dough.

The wooden animals could also be matched with photos of the real animal and it’s habitat (in books or printed from the Internet). Older children might like to learn the terms we use for adult animals and their babies as well as their collective noun, for example lion, lioness, cub and pride of lions.

The mobile could also be used as a stimulus for children to make their own, using drawings, stickers or small cut out pictures glued onto card. Tying knots, using scissors, working with a theme and the idea of balance also come into play here. Printing the name of the animal in lower case and sticking it to the back of the picture can assist with early word recognition.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the Goldfish article ‘Baby mobiles … The good, the bad and the dangerous’, for essential safety tips.

Wooden Mobile Specifications:
65cm (excluding the hanging string and ring) by 24cms
Non-toxic paint, wood
Age range: 0+
Handmade in Bali.

About the Author

Catherine Hanes

Along with teaching children in Australia and the UK for twenty years, Catherine is an established author of educational resources for schools and students. She also has a weakness for poetry, Devonshire teas and all things crafty.

As a Mum and teacher, Catherine believes that children deserve to be happy, well-balanced people with confident physical, imaginative, creative, problem-solving and social skills. The provision of quality toys and fun activities enables children of all ages to blossom into adulthood!

Catherine currently resides in Wollongong with her wonderful husband, two gorgeous daughters, five elderly chickens and Lillypilly the dog.

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