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Real Mum Review - The Balloon Ball

Imagine this.

Its 10 degrees outside with a howling wind. You and your toddler are stuck inside for the 7th day in a row; laid low by the dreaded winter lurgy and beginning to feel the effects of cabin fever. You’ve coloured in all the pictures, you’ve played dress ups and built forts until the floor becomes a distant memory, hidden under layers of blankets, cushions and home made super hero costumes.

3.5 years olds are not designed to be indoors for long periods of time, of that I am certain! But, without the energy to go through the motions of piling on the layers required for even the most basic outside play, this particular toddler had little choice!

A knock on the door was our salvation! There, wrapped in a teeny tiny little packet, was a toy that would silence the grizzles and provide literally hours of play as we waited for the weather to clear and our health to pick up.

I’m a pretty big fan of balloon play as an indoor alternative to balls; what I’m not a fan of, is constantly feeling on edge as I wait for the inevitable ‘POP!’ and my equally inevitable scream! The balloon ball is thicker than your average balloon, and as we put it through its paces, apparently impossible to pop! (Think tossing, soccer, indoor volleyball and I may or may not have stepped and tripped over it, twice!)

Clearly receiving the pre-schooler tick of approval, I cast my mind back to my son’s baby days and how we played with balls, even then. There really is no better way to encourage and develop hand-eye coordination than through ball play. The Balloon Ball is light enough to gently roll back and forth with the baby who has just learned to sit, but sturdy enough for the developing throwing and kicking skills of a toddler and pre-schooler (dare I add, it also passes the ‘head-butting Dad’ test?).

Visually, the balls are engaging and beautiful; the colourful patchwork designs on the fabric offer an added tactile and sensory aspect. Storage couldn’t be easier! Simply deflate the balloon and fold it flat in the fabric cover; this makes it the ideal toy to take when travelling and space is limited.

Ethically handmade and reasonably priced, the Balloon Ball is a must have toy for kids of all ages and makes a fantastic gift or stocking filler (only 3 months to Christmas!).

As the ball bounced lightly off my favourite mirror and simply ‘whispered’ by the frames on the wall, I was convinced. This is the ball to have, to give and to play with.
Whether being rolled along, bounced along, thrown through the air, or, as we’ve taken to, being thwacked with a pool noodle ‘bat’, you know that it’s doing so without risk of injury to either little people or beautiful home wares!

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Karen Swan, Community Manager and Co-Editor of, PA to child care author Pinky McKay and freelance writer can be found in Canberra, Australia, quite often carrying out entire conversations in song and running after her 3 year old son.

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