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Real Mum Review - Farmyard Puzzle

This beautifully handmade farm puzzle has grabbed the attention of all my little ones. It’s vibrant colours and friendly animal faces draws them to it instantly.

Yes it is a puzzle however I would describe it more as an interactive toy with fun pack away potential!

They can’t help but play with the animals and farmers, while of course making the animal sounds and other chat that goes with it.

The puzzle itself is a tricky one and lends itself to guiding them with language directions involving words such as upside down, sideways, over and under.

The pieces themselves allow for much talk about colours and animals, developing vocabulary while at the same time developing their fine motor and visual perceptual skills.

It is a delightful change from the traditional peg board puzzles – engaging the children at a much deeper level than just coordinating the pieces and when they have learnt the puzzle they still have it to play with as farm animals!

About the Author


I am excited about my opportunity to be a part of this blog and of course to trial toys. I am a Speech Pathologist and parent of 3.

I own Engadine Speech Pathology – thus a trip to Goldfish TOYshop is not difficult! My practice celebrates 20 years this year!!! I work solely with children from babies to the teenage years. Speech Therapy covers so many areas of communication and I look forward to possibly providing more information about the role we play over coming months. I am very fortunate to love my work. There is not a day goes past that I don’t get to share a smile or laugh with a child – although sometimes a shared tear happens with a parent too – definitely a privilege. I am passionate about children and their ability to communicate- and of course I am passionate about toys and books and the role they play in the development of a child.

I love showing parents how they can engage with their children through simple toys- and I always try to use toys that are easily accessible to parents rather than specific therapy toys. My discovery of Goldfish Toyshop has been one of my great finds over the past year.

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