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Introducing Wooden Toys to the Toy Box.

Giving diversity in toys for your child is an excellent way to engage them in different senses and activities. Baby toys most often involve soft plush stuffed animals, and plastic mobiles or toys. However, plastic can crack easily and is fairly weightless disabling the child to develop healthy muscle mass. Stuffed animals are comforting and fun, but don’t offer much stimulation. Combining comfort and function for your baby toys will encourage motor skills and better overall development – Wooden toys are the perfect way to increase stimulation and provide your child with toys that will last generations.

Goldfish offers a fantastic selection of wooden toys and baby toys. All are environmental and allergic safe products, which promote creative play and increase motor skills. The wooden toys are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are non toxic, natural and recyclable.

Steiner wooden toys are fantastic way of engaging play by promoting your child to indulge in the art of imagination. Steiner toys are generally smooth and easy to grasp as opposed to tactile toys that don’t invoke and influence cognitive function and sensory pleasure.Being wooden they will have a long life span and never put off any splinters of toxic chemicals.

Wooden mobiles are also a fantastic item for new born babies through to toddlers and not only act as a sensory item in your child’s nursery but can also add a decorative touch to older children’s rooms as they grow and develop.

Another brilliant baby toy, which Goldfish offers, is Sofie the Giraffe, Natural Teething Ring. This toy is made from 100% natural rubber derived from the Hevea trees sap. It’s perfect for teething baby’s at all different stages with its multi textured surface. The handles make for easy grasping and the Sofie happy giraffe helps distract the little one from their painful gums. It’s completely non-toxic, flexible, and lightweight. Free from phalanges, vinyl, and PVC, you’ll feel good about giving your child this stimulating and very helpful baby toy.

Applying stimulating and develop enhancing wooden and other sensory items to your child’s toy box will be beneficial to their happiness, health, and creativity. Not to mention having durable, aesthetically pleasing, and productive toys for many years to last. Goldfish Toyshop can offer the perfect toys for any age and stage for your child.

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