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Boosting Those Motor Skills

During the preschool years little ones are abound with energy. Physical play is the only play they know, so it is crucial to provide engaging toys to enhance their motor skills.

Having safe, durable, and environmentally friendly toys are key aspects when looking for the right products. Combining function, fun and, creativity you’ll find yourself with a fast and happily developing child.

Playing with toys not only keeps kids preoccupied, but helps with brain and body simultaneously. Encompassing a variety of stimulating toys will be your best bet for giving well-rounding learning curves. Different toys have different purposes for increasing motor skill development.

For large motor skills, arms and legs, there are many optimal toys to choose from. A push and pull type, such as pretend baby strollers, animals on strings, or tractors are good ideas. Ride-on toys and rockers are always so cute and fun for kids. They will immensely help build strong legs and confidence. And even a bouncy ball to catch and kick will improve hand eye coordination.

For fine motor skills, a variety of toys can aid in the development while still letting them have fun. Any art supplies are a good start and don’t have to be messy. Crayons, chalk, and pastels are fairly easy clean ups, plus everyone gets to see their master pieces displayed! Wooden colorful stackables, toys involving patterns, and peg boards all make for great fine motor skill toys. It can be hard to pull them away from all the physical play to look at boring books, but many have bright colorful pictures and even pop outs for an added wow factor.

If your looking to acquire new toys, leaning towards recycled hand crafted wood products is a wise decision. Environmentally friendly, durable, safe, and aesthetically pleasing, you and your child will reap the benefits. Understanding these concepts will certainly help boost and develop your child’s motor skills.

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