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The Goldfish Guide to Air Travel with Kids!

Our recent trip to Madagascar prompted us to discuss an area that most parents are scared to explore, especially with young ones – Long distance travel.

Traveling with little ones can be challenging, but it can also be a fun time full of exploration that doesn’t need to be stressful, if you are prepared correctly.

Traveling long distances should be an exciting time, were we can escape the daily grind, explore different cultures, traditions and take on some R&R.

As parents we are aware that children can be challenging if taken out of their own familiar environments or routines and that is why careful preparation and involving your child (if they are old enough) in the plans can be exciting and an adventure in itself!

Flying High!

Here are some fantastic pointers for getting your little one to travel well in the air:

  • Vaccinate or ensure that your child has up to date vaccinations before traveling overseas.
  • Air crafts can get stuffy, dress your little one in layers so that you can add or take off layers as the cabin temperature.
  • Take your child’s favorite things to help them travel better, this goes for all ages. Staff will not mind if your child watches their own portable DVD player, uses colouring in books, puzzles or toys to keep them busy. Some airlines are accommodating and can provide fun packs for children so don’t go traveling on an aeroplane assuming that this will happen. It is always better to be safe than sorry!
  • When booking seats on your flight, try to secure seats in areas with extra leg room, giving your child extra room to play.
  • Travel to suit sleep patterns. If you child is a fantastic sleeper during the evening, then traveling when it is their sleep time chances are they will sleep through the journey, giving you some downtime too!
  • Use your baggage allowance! Most airlines, although they don’t advertise it all the time allow you to travel with a pram and car seat. Check with your airline before traveling otherwise you might cop an extra baggage charge!

Location, Location Location

Location and accommodation can be the simple part, but remember to look out for child friendly options in your holiday otherwise your trip could be a disaster!

Most hotels and resorts have kids clubs, child minding and babysitting facilities these days. Look for places that have games rooms and accommodate to children in their menu selection.

Pack your child’s favourite comfort items their own pillow to make them feel more at ease in a different bed.
Your travel agent should be able to offer suggestions on locations and hotels that can provide the right services for you and your family.

Don’t forget to pack these items!

  • Small medical kit (bandaids, panadol, thermometer and oral re-hydration drinks)
  • Your children’s favourite toys and activities
  • Pack your own meal for the plane to feed your children between meal times

The top travel toys from Goldfish include:

  • Doodle Books and Colouring Pens (Contact us if you would like to purchase)
  • Games such as sticky fingers and pull the string!
  • Paperdolls and Re usable stickers.
  • IQ Puzzles for the older kids.
  • The Usborne 1000 things to do on a journey.
  • Wipable doodle cards.
  • Soya Crayon Rocks and Art Books for drawings.
  • Felt boards and cuts outs.
  • Puppets and more………

Visit the Berry Shop for more ideas and to test some toys out!

We shouldn’t deny ourselves and our families well deserved breaks, so making preparations you will ensure that everyone has a fantastic time!

So what are you waiting for?

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