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Hottest Goldfish Baby Toys for 2013

Baby toys are the ideal way to entertain our babies, to help them learn new things as well as explore their senses.

When we become mothers or even grandmothers for the first time it is difficult to know what are the best baby toys available that will educate out little ones, that are unique and that can also provide hours of fun.

Goldfish Toy Shop has put together our hottest baby toys for 2013, which are available for purchase through and are happy to share with you why we love them as our top baby toy picks!

Baby Toy 1 – Baby Rainbow Ball

This beautiful Rainbow Ball is a specialist sensory baby toy. With its bright colours, with lots of textures and tags that read ‘love’, ‘peace out’, ‘free hugs’ as well as images of trees, peace signs and happy characters. The sensory baby toy has had a sustainable and hippy makeover making it a lovely gift with a free spirited message for any baby!

Baby Toy 2 – Wooden Bead Grasper

These stunning wooden baby beads feature 8 bright coloured wooden balls that can be moved, twirled, twisted and even bashed around making beautiful clunking sounds. These wooden grasper beads are the perfect baby toy as they are Steiner inspired and are perfect for stimulating sensory play..The wooden balls are just the right size to fit in baby’s hands and help them to develop a strong grasp. Clutching toys are a great source of stimulation for baby, particularly in their first year, as they help to promote baby’s mental and physical development in a variety of ways. Manipulating the toy as baby grips and shakes it hones fine motor skills, develops hand-eye coordination and strengthens little hands. The bright colours stimulate and the overall tactile quality just enthrall. These wooden beads are beautiful,sustainable, educational and environmentally friendly.

Baby Toy 3 – Bajo Wooden Walker

The Bajo Walker is the PERFECT toy for small children learning to take their first steps. The walker has a special anti tip mechanism which stabilises it and reduces the incidence of falls, which therefore increasing the childs’ confidence. This stunning Bajo Wooden Walker is made by a Polish boutique wooden toy maker whose vision is to make the highest quality wooden baby toys. The Bajo Walker is brightly coloured, produced under good working conditions to a high ethical standard and is environmentally friendly, using non toxic paints and varnishes. Built from quality and from the love of wood, the Bajo walker stands the test of time and will last for generations of little toddlers.

Baby Toy 4 – Sophie the Giraffe Teething Toy

Teething is an awful part of parenting, not only because we see our little ones in pain but because there is not much that can done to soothe the pain. This genius Sophie the Giraffe teething baby toy is the ultimate in teething items as it is made exclusively from natural rubber and painted with organic food grade paints. Sophie the Giraffe is easy to grip and will stimulate your baby’s eyes with its brightly coloured spots! Sophie has been around now for over 50 years and no baby kit is complete without their very own Sophie. By the way..she’s French !!

Baby Toy 5 – The Original Goldfish Balloon Ball

The Balloon Ball is an original Goldfish Design! Balloon Balls are perfect to play with inside or outside, they bounce, can be hit and move slower than normal balls to help promote hand eye coordination and gross motor skills. The Balloon Ball is the perfect baby toy as it features a soft washable cover that is bright in colour so it is fun to look at as well as play with!

Baby Toy 6 – Goldfish Baby Mobile

Although the Goldfish baby mobile might not be a baby toy as such, it is the perfect décor item for any baby room, nursery or play area. Installing a mobile over baby’s cot is a sure method of visual stimulation that will soothe baby and promote awareness, development and focus. All Goldfish Mobiles are handmade ethically in Bali using wood, painted using nontoxic organic paint and sold exclusively to you by Goldfish! Our wooden mobiles are created from our workers in a close knit community in Bali and we support the community ensuring good working conditions to the highest ethical standard. The wooden mobiles by Goldfish are the main Goldfish product and have been seen in nurseries for over 20 years!

At Goldfish we love our baby toys as much as we love our babies, so handpicking these items this year has been tough, but fun – we hope you love our 2013 hottest baby toys as much as we do!

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