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Balloon Balls – Perfect for Occupational Therapy in Children!

Balloon Balls allow you to have fun and develop fine motor skills!

Developing your children’s hand and eye coordination skills are important skills to master, even in children with developmental disorders.

As our little ones grow it is important for them to master the art of these skills to see them through their future as it will affect daily tasks such as handwriting, playing sports or just catching a ball, reading and communicating with others effectively.

Balloon Balls are commonly used in occupation therapy to assist children with developmental disorders and gross motor delays to assist them in mastering the art of hand eye coordination.

Balloon Balls are not only the safe to use option in doors, but Balloon Balls move slower than regular balls which allow children with sensory integration disorders to obtain the gross motor skills they require for their future.

Hand eye coordination can be a challenging task to master when a child has a disorder such as dyspraxia and that is why the balloon ball can teach your child you tap, catch and throw.

An excellent game that can be played with children to help with their hand and eye development is by playing Balloon Ball tap up. This can be done by tapping the balloon ball up in the air using both hands – keeping it off the ground. You can also play this game using the balloon ball and a tennis racket – Don’t worry our balloon balls are safe, so you shouldn’t have any breakables!

Catch and Bounce is also an excellent developmental game to play with a balloon ball. The beauty of a balloon ball is it does bounce and can be used safely inside, unlike most balls!

The original Balloon Ball was created by Goldfish Gifts and designed by Elisa Doro – our balloon balls are the original and the best and a fantastic toy for occupational therapy sessions.

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