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What is a Steiner Toy?

I am sure that many of you have seen Steiner or Waldorf toys around the place, however do you know what a Steiner toy is or does?

Steiner Toys are the types of toys that help your child to explore their different stages of their development at their own pace using their own imagination.

What is Steiner?

Steiner education originated from an Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner, the founder of anthroposophy.

The Waldorf Education pedagogy recognised three broad develop stages in a child’s development that last approximately 7 years.

Steiner education focuses on education in a practical, hands on and active sense so that children learn by doing, from creative play and expression.

From here the education process moves to idealism, imagination as well as placing academic, practical and artistic development into the learning process.

How do the toys work?

Steiner or Waldorf toys are made to encourage imaginative play, creative play and hands on play.

Steiner toys are generally made from eco materials and the dolls have no faces of minimal facial features to allow the child to imagine and demonstrate their own sense of expression and feeling without being prompted by the faces on their toys.

As mentioned above the Steiner philosophy is about freedom to imagine in play.

Steiner toys may include dolls, blocks, games, puzzles and more. What ever can allow your child to explore their own imagination is an excellent toy for developing their sense of confidence, stability and independence.

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