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Ethical Toys – Wooden Toys!

We hear the word ethical thrown around so freely these days that it has somewhat lost its meaning.

Goldfish Gifts designs toys that are handmade fairtrade and ethically in Indonesia, Madagascar and India from a range of different materials for safe play and development purposes. We wanted to talk about ethical toys and products and what they are as thighs is a topic that sits close to us here at Goldfish!

What Does Ethical Mean? /’eTHik əl/

Adjective: Meaning – of or relating to moral principles of the branch of knowledge dealing with these. Morally Correct.

Synonyms: Ethic – moral

So ethical means relating to moral principles but that could be determined differently to a number of people but we see it as a way to promote and sell socially and environmentally responsible trade products as part of our range.
Wooden toys are the perfect example of ethical and environmentally friendly toys. These toys are made by hand using environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic paint, and are sturdy and good quality.

The term “They don’t make em’ like they used to” has to come from somewhere and with the majority of toys on the market these days being made from moulded plastic materials, designed for seasonable toy purchasing you can guarantee that you will hear older generations use that saying. Wooden toys are the great eco toy, they last generations and generations, from your children through to your grandchildren one day.

Think Fairtrade, Think Enviro-Friendly, Think about Wooden Toys!

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