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Baby Mobile’s

The Good, The Bad and the Dangerous!

At Goldfish Gifts we love baby mobiles, our designs are all about promoting a positive sense of security for all babies as well as assisting with soothing them to sleep, adding decorative flair and promoting development by boosting your baby’s brain power.

There are hundreds of mobiles on the market ranging from wooden mobiles to clunky plastic mobiles, so many infact it can create a headache for the purchaser. That is why we have created our guide to baby mobiles and how to use them safely in your child’s nursery.

Safely attach your baby mobile!

If your baby mobile falls on your child of in your child’s cot or bassinet it could be an instant death trap for your little one. It can cause your baby to strangle or even suffocate your child.
Ensure that your baby mobile is securely fastened above your child’s cot using screws. Blue tack is not a secure method, however industrial strength double sided tape can work as a method to fasten your baby mobile to your roof or cot without causing any damage. Other safe methods of securing your baby mobile can be done by using screws or hooks.

Measuring the distance between mobile and baby!

Your baby should not be able to grab onto the baby mobile and pull it into the cot with him/her. You will need to ensure there is a safe distance measured between the mobile and baby. By measuring the distance you will ensure that your child cannot get caught, strangled or suffocated by a fallen mobile.

If you baby is sitting up, standing up and reaching for the baby mobile by climbing on your nursery furniture then it might be time to remove your baby mobile or hand it in a position that is not in your child’s reach.

All Goldfish Gifts mobiles are safe, nontoxic and ethically handmade in Indonesia for Goldfish.

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