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What makes a great toy?

When it comes to toys there are thousand to choose form on the market, with hundreds being released each year.

Toys are made for children of all ages from newborn babies through teens and young adults – some adults are even partial to the odd toy.

Toys are objects for children to play with and can come in the form of a model, miniature replica, gadget, machine, plush, nick nack or amusement item.

Toys can build attention spans of our young ones, the build social awareness, development and growth, help to stimulate, promote hand and eye coordination and can teach our children to solve problems, make music or be physical.

A great toy should shape the child, teach them positive influences, entertain and empower, grab your child’s attention whilst allowing them to interact and use their imagination.

A great toy can be played with in many way and for many days as well as challenge your little one to think, do or feel. It should contribute to your child’s development, including physical, emotional, mental and social skills.
The items should be well make, attractive with pleasing shapes, colours, textures and or sounds.

Your child should be able to have fun with a great toy and get great joy from a toy.

As one of Australia’s specialist toyologists Elisa Doro knows what makes a great toy and some perfect examples can be found in the Goldfish range.

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