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Feeding Your Child Healthy

As parents our goal is to start children on the best path to life and that covers all aspects of growth and development, learning opportunities and nutrition.

Setting good eating examples for children are important from the start as young eaters can not only be fussy eaters but what you feed your child sets the stage for the nutrition throughout their life.

As a working parent or a parent to multiple children it can be easy to become complacent sometimes and produce easy meals for children to eat, however these easy meals don’t need to consist of fast foods or unhealthy items.

Starting with your child’s fluid intake, but having your child used to drinking water you will ensure that they are putting nutrients back into their body as well as giving themselves enough fluid to be active during play time.

Your child should drink at least 500ml to 2litres of water per day – depending on your child’s age. Water is the best thirst quencher and doesn’t contain any nasty sugar’s colours or additives unlike fruit juices or cordials.

Colourful foods are the variety of life – start by offering your children food that is rich in colour as the richer the colour the more good stuff it contains.

Offering your child a variety of fruits such as – apples, bananas, grapefruits, avocados, berries, peaches, watermelon and more will ensure that your little on is getting the natural sugars that they need as well as packing themselves full of vitamins and essential nutrients to assist your child with their development.

Vegetables should be eaten daily and one again the more colour they contain the more nutrients they include. Children love broccoli when it is served like “little trees”, peas, cherry tomatoes, carrots and mushrooms are an excellent source of nutrients that can also double as handy snacks.

Steer clear of chips, chocolates and highly processed treats. Should your child want to eat from a packet why not try natural popcorn, it is a handy and healthy snack for children of all ages.

By feeding our children well we can relax that they are getting what their body needs to grow up healthy and strong as well as to be able to play, smile and be happy.

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