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The Original and Best - Balloon Ball

Children love to play with balloons, but as parents we fear that they will burst, scare your little ones or even act as a choking hazard.

No need to fret anymore as the original Goldfish Gifts Balloon Ball is the perfect solution to all of your balloon fears!

Forget about those breakables indoors because Balloon Balls have a soft handmade covers that the balloon is simply inserted into.

The balloon ball allows your children to bounce, kick, throw and safely play with balloons without the fear of hazards that come with balls.

The cover is an easy to fold cover so you can take the balloon ball with you wherever you go!
If your balloon breaks, don’t worry because you can simply replace it and you are ready to play again.

Did you know that Goldfish Gifts won an award in 2010 for their Balloon Ball – it was awarded the best novelty of the year by ITSA (Independent Toy Specialists of Australia)!

Available in pink pastel for the girls, bright unisex patchwork and dark colours.

Why not give one a try – available for sale in our online store for a bargain price of $11.95!

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