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Beds, or lack of them was a problem at the Ambohimahazo orphanage in Madagascar. The children, often up to 6 of them would share one dirty mattress..

So, with the help of many kind people, from Australia, America and local help too, money was raised and beds were purchased…

Foam mattresses where bought in town and transported by cart, on foot to the orphanage.

The wooden beds were also transported on the same cart , on foot from town.

This is the road to the orphanage…a bit bumpy and the old mattresses..and so the cart men had to work very hard..but did it with a smile!

These kids used to sleep on the floor..or some girls actually slept in a cupboard!!

Lots of assembly, lots of smiles because


they have nice beds to rest on..finally something new..just for them.
Thanks to all our Goldfishtoyshop customers and suppliers for your help and kind donations!!!!

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