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The difference your donations have made so…

Some things are improving at the orphanage and we are so happy about that. They are very deserving people and, and we are pleased to assist when it is so appreciated and well-used. Here are the projects that have been completed in the last two months:

  • ✿ There is a new vegetable garden going in beside the house which will provide the orphanage with fresh, nutritious vegetables.
  • ✿ They have started a chicken rearing program which is extremely successful so far and which they will grow incrementally over the next year. They are hoping that the proceeds from that will allow them eventually to move on to another animal project like a cow for milk.
  • ✿ They have planted 170 trees – 100 fruit and 70 mulberry. The fruit trees are intended for consumption and sale if there is surplus. The mulberry trees will provide the orphanage with a new means of income when they mature in five years. They will feed caterpillars that will produce silk.

  • ✿ They will be planting moringa trees (about 50) and doing a trial planting of papaya and banana to see how they grow at that altitude.
  • ✿ Our two latest volunteers have painted the interior walls with some cheerful drawings of flowers, a globe, stars, a monkey, etc. It really cheers up the rooms and everyone had a great time with the project.
  • ✿ We have purchased and just yesterday began delivering and assembling new beds which we are outfitting with bedding, blankets and pillows. There will be places enough for 21 when they are all delivered. These beds are all on the lower level at this time, and we expect to be able to move them upstairs when that area is ready for residents.
  • ✿ We are in the middle of doing a well analysis and will have the results hopefully very soon. The well occasionally is running low and they must wait for water to return to higher level or use the water from down the road. So we will try to alleviate that issue if we can afford to do it. We need funds for this project…aprox $1500
For the orphanage, the top floor is the next focus. The estimates to do this are not bad about $3000. The main issue with the upstairs is that the cross beams are too far apart and we are worried that they will not support any weight, so the upper floor needs reinforcement first. Again, all of us thank you for your support and care. It is so nice to have help, as we are such a small program. It is greatly appreciated! You have made such an impression on the orphanage that they keep thinking all volunteers are Australian!!!

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